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Digital presence management

What is digital presence management?

Every business leaves a digital footprint. Some of them are obvious like your website and social media. Others might be things that you signed up for, but have left and forgotten about like Google My Business and accounts on review sites like Yell, TripAdvisor or local tourism websites.

Digital presence management is all about finding these listings of your business online and aligning them with your website. Making sure they’re all telling the right message for that audience, that they are up to date and that they truly reflect your brand.

Why is digital presence management important?

Now more than ever, people can find a lot of information about your brand before they decide to do business with you. Keeping tone of voice consistent, key messaging the same and company and product information accurate, you increase the authority of your business.

How can milnerCreative help?

We have extensive experience in managing companies digital presence. From auditing your website, social media and finding other listings for your company, we can create a directory of all of your business’ online locations.

With this information, we create an action plan to update and maintain your brand’s digital presence.

Get in touch with us to find out how we can work together.​