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Yorkshire Balloon Fiesta

New brand, new website, event photography and event social media

We’ve been working with Yorkshire Balloon Fiesta since 2018 when they were York Balloon Fiesta. Ahead of their 2021 event, they wanted to rebrand now that the event itself had evolved.

Working with local designer Zumo Juice, we helped create the new branding, including a whole new logo, colour scheme and social media templates.

Before the event launched, we built a new website including a new domain name and managed the transition whilst maintaining strong organic SEO.

In the run-up and during their 2021 event in September, we managed their organic social media channels and provided photography for the whole four day event.


To attract a larger audience, the team at York Balloon Fiesta decided it was time to rebrand to Yorkshire Balloon Fiesta. As a long time client, they approached milnerCreative to see how we could support them.

We used our relationship with Zumo Juice, a freelance designer we’ve worked with before, to manage the rebranding process. Throughout the process, we were able to liaise with the client and designer to keep the process moving.

Web design

Once the new branding was complete, we were able to start work designing a new website. Using the new brand colours and typography throughout the site, we ensured all of their brand touchpoints, from social media and website to their event signs and banners.

The new site also enabled them to sell tickets through their website. This was key as they hadn’t sold tickets to this event before. Since the event, we’ve updated their website again to prepare it for next year’s event, including a mailing list sign up form.

Social media

Through July and August, milnerCreative managed the Facebook and Instagram account for Yorkshire Balloon Fiesta.

During the two months, we posted 142 times to Facebook which reached almost 2 million people and had over 25,000 engagements. On Instagram, we posted to the feed 50 times and reached over 8,000 people which generated over 5,600 likes and 221 comments.

Also on Instagram, we posted 141 stories which were seen over 98,000 times and had almost 7,000 reactions.


As well as providing social media across all four days of the festival, we also provided photography. Our team of two were able to work together to take photos during the day and upload them to social media.

This unique partnership between our photographer and social media manager meant high-quality photography could be instantly shared instead of standard smartphone photos.

Over the four days, we provided 970 fully edited high-quality photos that can be used to promote future events and have been used in press articles, on the website and continue to be used on their social media.

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