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Case study

Yorkshire Balloon Fiesta rebrand

Our client, Events by Cynosure who organise York Balloon Fiesta, approached us to tell us they were rebranding to Yorkshire Balloon Fiesta.

We worked with them to create a plan that included creating a new logo and branding, updating their website, their digital presence and their social media channels. 

Client: Yorkshire Balloon Fiesta/Events by Cynosure
Service: Web design, Branding, Digital presence management, Social media.


Events By Cynosure wanted us to look after all aspects of their rebrand for them. We contacted Zumo Juice Design, a freelance designer we’ve worked with before, and briefed in the rebrand to them.

Using our knowledge of the client and the processes of Zumo Juice Design, we brought the new branding back to the client and had sign off in a short space of time.

New logo

Yorkshire Balloon Fiesta rebranded logo

Brand ident

Yorkshire Balloon Fiesta rebranded ident

Social media

Using the new branding, we were able to create new social media logos and banners to make Yorkshire Balloon Fiesta instantly recognisable across all platforms.

Yorkshire Balloon Fiesta rebranded Twitter header

Website design and SEO

We built the new Yorkshire Balloon Fiesta on yorkshireballoonfiesta.co.uk whilst yorkballoonfiesta.co.uk was still live, making sure their was no loss of service.

Once they were ready for the switch, we redirected the domain to the new site meaning no traffic was lost. We updated their links across Google Analytics, Google Search Console and contacted sites who linked to the old website to inform them of the change and ask them to update their links.

After just a few days, the new Yorkshire Balloon Fiesta website was ranking number one for the terms Yorkshire Balloon Fiesta and York Balloon Fiesta, outranking other popular websites.

Yorkshire Balloon Fiesta SEO milnerCreative


Our client's feedback about this work

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