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York City Cruises Photography

Taking shipshape photos for an early evening summer cruise

York City Cruises wanted some new images that could be used on their website and marketing material to promote their early evening cruises going into the summer period.

We came onboard and capture a range of images during one of their evening cruises. Working with constantly changing light and on a moving boat presented some challenges, but we were able to capture some striking images to support their marketing.

The brief

The images needed to show people enjoying themselves on a York City Cruises early evening cruise.

We needed to show off the features of the sightseeing cruise by capturing shots of the sights from the boat, as well as the fun of being onboard.

The photos were to be used on their website and other marketing material, so we would need to shoot various different frames of shots to allow full flexibility.

The work

Shooting on a moving boat in early evening presented some challenges. The changing light was something we had to learn to work with. Sometimes using the sun to light the faces of our models, whilst other times backlighting them.

Additionally, with constantly changing scenery, sometimes we only had one chance to capture the perfect image, for example, getting a shot of York Minster in the background.

We were able to deliver the brief and the client was thrilled with the results.

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