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Chris Rankin at The Potions Cauldron and The Hole In Wand Photography

A press photoshoot at two of York's most magical venues

The Potions Cauldron and The Hole in Wand, ran by York business partners Phil Pinder and Ben Fry, have brought a special magic to York with their magical apothecary and wizard themed golf.

The level of magic increased when they brought Chris Rankin, the actor who played Percy Weasley (older brother of Ron Weasley) in the Harry Potter series to spend some time at their two business.

The brief

The client wanted a range of photos from both venues that could be used on their social media, as well as in press releases.

We only had one hour with Chris, so we needed to move fast to get all of the shots.

In addition to the photos, they also wanted a short video. We asked our partner, Alex Brown, to come and support us. This video is still in production and will be shared later.

The work

We arrived one hour before Chris was due, so we could visit both venues and see what we were working with.

This allowed us to pre-plan our shots and work faster once Chris has arrived and maximised the amount of work we could deliver.

We were able to deliver all of the photos on the same day to allow the press release to be sent the following day.

The brief

As well as video, the client wanted a video from each venue of Chris enjoying the attractions.

They wanted the videos to be short enough to perform well on social media, as well as teasing viewers about the hidden aspects of their attractions.

The work

We partnered up with Alex Brown to create the videos. Alex joined us on the shoot and was able to direct Chris in the short time we had him.

The videos were created with the magical style is expected from the two magical businesses, so they fit right in on their social media and can be used on their website.

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