Hole in Wand drinks photography

Food photography

Magical drinks

Hole in Wand released a new range of magical drinks for their Tavern.

After a round of wizard golf, visitors can enjoy a hot drink or cocktail.

The work

We visited the Hole In Wand Tavern to take pictures with their potion masters. Using their bar as a backdrop and a two-light set up, we captured photography for their social media platforms.

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Caramba Steakhouse food photography

Food photography

All you can eat steak

The Brazillian rodizio styled restaurant, Caramba, recently opened a second restaurant in York. This follows the success of their first restaurant in Selby.

The work

Caramba booked a half day photoshoot to refresh their social media, as well as get photos to update their website.

We were able to capture a range of photos including interior photos, as well as their full selection of meats.

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St Raphaels

St Raphael's Food Photography 30 January 2021 milnerCreative

Food photography

Re-opening with a new website and new photography

St Raphael’s B&B is an independent B&B and guesthouse in the centre of York. Ran by a local couple, they pride themselves on providing quality service and serving up delicious locally sourced food.



St Raphael’s required a new website to update their online presence. They wanted something that was more mobile friendly and focused on encouraging customers to book direct.

After learning about the booking system they used, we were able to integrate this into their website – something they hadn’t had before. We were also able to connect Google Analytics to their website and booking system to track bookings and identify high-value acquisition channels. 

Interior photography

As St Raphael’s re-opened after lockdowns in 2020, they needed new photography to show off their updated rooms.

They wanted lighter photography that could be used on their website and on social media. We took photos of each of their room types rather than each room to ensure the cost offered the most value for money.

We took a range of photos from wide-angle shots of rooms to close-ups of decorative and ornemental items.

Food photography

After re-opening and when planning their new website, St Raphael’s noticed they didn’t have an up to date photos of their breakfast menu.

We spent half a day with them to capture shots of their full range of breakfast items. To make these shots authentic, we brought our lights and equipment to their dining room.

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Liquid Jade food photography

Liquid Jade Food Photography 20 March 2021 milnerCreative Web

Liquid Jade food photography

Food photography

We came across Liquid Jade through a mutual friend based in Hull City Centre. They were preparing to reopen after being closed during lockdown. We approached them and offered to update their photography for their website, as well as social media posts to announce their return.

We took photos of a variety of meals from the menu so they could continue to use them throughout the rest of the year.

With this in mind, we also took photos of the dishes outside in the outdoor dining area, as well as indoors. This meant they could continue to promote outdoor dining if indoor dining became restricted again.


The brief

milnerCreative were tasked with taking new photos for Liquid Jade before they reopened to the public after lockdown.

They needed a range of photos of the dishes they planned to make; along with being shot indoors and outdoors so they could be used throughout the year.

The team also wanted some verticle images so they could use them on social media, including Facebook and Instagram stories too.

The work

During the photoshoot, we were able to create high-quality images that followed a consistent feel on their website and online presence.

Each shot has been taken specifically with the website in mind so that they are all delivered in the correct size and optimised and compressed.

It was important for us that the images worked well on social media too. So this was kept in mind when we were working with bright colours and lighting.

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St Raphael’s Guesthouse food photography

St Raphael's Food Photography 30 January 2021 milnerCreative

Case study

St Raphael's B&B and Guesthouse food photography

Whilst their guesthouse was closed due to the pandemic, St Raphael’s were keen to get new pictures for thier website and social media.

After doing their interior photography, they asked if we could also photograph their breakfasts

Taking steps to ensure we were safe including wearing a mask and social distancing, we went and shot their products in their breakfast room.


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