Invite customers back after lockdown
Reopening your business after lockdown can be a worry. Will your customers return and what will they expect when they do? 

We conducted a small survey* to find out what people expected from a business when they reopened and what a business can do to make they feel comfortable. 

Where are people looking for updates?

Unsurprisingly, the majority of people (85%) said they would be likely or very likely to check a business’s website before visiting them after lockdown. 

61% of people surveyed said they would be likely or very likely to check a business’s social media channels before visiting after lockdown. Additionally, 42% said they would check Google Search or Google Maps before visiting a business.

Others specifically said they would also refer to TripAdvisor, as well as local Facebook groups and word of mouth.

What information are your customers looking for?

The majority of people are going to look for information about your business before visiting after lockdown. But what information do they want to know?

Well, we asked them that too and these are the results. We asked “If a business shared this information with you, how much would it influence your decision to visit them after lockdown?” and this is what they said

Specific post-lockdown opening times
Likely or very likely 85%
What safety measures are in place (i.e. hand sanitiser, reduced capacity)
Likely or very likely 74%
Photos showing customers and/or staff wearing face masks
Likely or very likely 66%
Photos of new layouts/safety measures
Likely or very likely 61%
A new booking/click and collect service
Likely or very likely 57%

What can you do?

It seems to best thing you can do to help encourage customers to feel safe and return to your business is to keep all of the information up to date. This requires some Digital Presence Management.

Keeping your website, social media, Google listing and any other online listings up to date can make the difference when you reopen.

We recommend the following steps to get ready for reopening.


Take pictures of your safety measures plus staff and customers (these could be friends or family) or get in touch with us for our COVID reopening offer.

Your website

Update your website with your latest opening times and specifically say that these are your post-lockdown openings times. Include your new photos or you could even create a whole page related to COVID plans like our client Yorkshire Balloon Flights.

Social media

Update your social media. Create a post with opening times, your new photos and your safety measures, linking to your updated COVID page. On Facebook and Twitter, you can pin the post so it stays at the top of your profile. On Instagram, you can turn it into a story highlight so that it appears at the top of your profile.

Google My Business

Update your Google My Business account. If you haven’t claimed your business on Google, make this a priority. Update your opening times, post your new photos so they’re the first things people see and add a COVID update with a link to your update COVID page.

Other online listings

If you can’t remember what online listings you have, do a quick Google search for your business and take a look through the top 5 pages or so. Anywhere your business is listed should be updated with all of the above.

How can milnerCreative help your business?

We are a creative and digital agency that are able to ensure your brand is consistent across all of your digital presence.

After the first lockdown we supported York businesses with reopening photography and we’re opening up the offer again. Take a look at our offer below and fill in the contact form to express your interest or ask any questions.

Get a one hour photoshoot and a minimum of 6 fully edited high-quality photos for £75

After the first lockdown ended, we supported businesses with new reopening photography. We’re extending that offer again to support the easing of restrictions.

Show your customers what to expect when they visit you after lockdown and what safety measures you have put in place. We supported multiple York businesses after the first lockdown ended and we want to do the same again.

For £75 you get:

Offer valid once per business. Photoshoot must take place before 20 May 2021. Offer subject to availability.

Contact us

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