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Bloom & Wild break up with roses

What flower do you think of when you think Valentine’s Day? Roses, right? Well, online flower retailer Bloom & Wild have denounced the beloved cliche.

In social media posts, they announced that they were no longer selling roses for Valentine’s Day as they don’t believe in the “cheesy cliché”.

This comes after a Bloom & Wild study found 58% of people thought red roses were clichés and 78% of people would like to receive something more thoughtful.

Your actionable takeaway

Marketing is built on stereotypes. What’s important for you as a business is to find out if the stereotypes you have for your customer are true.

Write down a list of assumptions you have about your audience. Are they male or female? What interests do you think they have away from your product or service? What age brackets are they?

Once you’ve got your list, start checking it against your data from Google Analytics and your social media audience data for things such as age and gender. When it comes to interests, take your assumptions and turn them into social media content.

Use polls on Instagram Stories or Twitter to ask whether your customers enjoy a night in or a night out, do they prefer red wine or white wine?

You’ll be amazed at how much you can learn about your audience, simply by asking them to share their thoughts. Plus, all the content on social media and engagement will give you an extra boost.

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